• Luxurious, Spectacular...Simply OffPOD

Luxurious, Spectacular...Simply OffPOD

Made to last!

Our OffPOD Luxury Garden Rooms are made mostly from Steel, Glass and Composite materials. No wood on the main structure means no worry of warping, splitting, rotting and cracking

Why spend money on something you can't take with you?

Our Garden Rooms are able to be assembled and disassembled repeatedly. We can relocate your Garden Office or Studio to another location or even to a new home.

Installed in just 4 days

The simplicity and engineered precision of our OffPOD Garden Rooms mean they can be assembled in just 4 days.

No hidden costs

Our 'starting from' price includes the Core Garden Room, Assembly, Installation, Electrical install, Smart Heater, choice of Flooring and TP-link Powerline Connector.

The perfect bespoke luxury garden room solution starting from £280 per month (Business customers only)

Discover the Intricacies of OFFPOD HERE

We only use Steel frames!

Make working from home, work for your business!

Discover More

Create your own bespoke garden room

Our OffPOD's are designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, we offer a unlimited range of options from exterior cladding to bespoke interior touches meaning you can chose every element of the building.

We pride ourselves on the fact that none of the main structure of our garden buildings is wood, making it less likely to warp, rot, split and fade. The pod, decking, decking frame and cladding are all made from metal and recycled composite materials.

Our OffPOD's has been engineered to be installed in as little as four days and our lead time is usually 6-8 weeks

Why choose us?

Our mission is simple. To be the number 1 supplier of garden rooms within the UK. We believe our OffPOD's are like no other as they offer the practicality of being semi-portable with the finish of a high-end garden room.

Moving house? No problem, our OffPOD's can be disassembled, foundations removed and shipped off to your next destination. No more leaving expensive garden structures for new occupants to enjoy if you don't want to.

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